Apply for an allotment

Getting an Allotment

1 Fill in our membership form.
2 Give it to the membership secretary with your membership fee.
3 You will be informed of your position on the waiting list.

Finding the membership document.

Our membership form can be found on our Documents Page.
  1. Download it.
  2. Print it out
  3. Fill it in.
  4. Give it to the membership secretary with your joining fee.

Who is the membership secretary


There is a one-off Membership fee to get onto the waiting list of £10.00 Cheques should be made payable to Rowhedge Allotments Association.

We will add you to our email group so that you will hear what is going on and can participate in our events and get to know everyone.

Annual Fees

Plot Holder Membership fee £15.00
Full plot Fee £60.00
Half plot Fee £30.00

The Allotment Year

Our Allotment year runs from 1st February - 31st January

Early Bird discounts

We offer Early Bird discounts if you pay before the beginning of the forth coming year, ie before 1st February. 

We usually set a Sunday evening aside in January to collect membership fees for the coming year. The date of this evening will be announced on the email group and on the website as a news item.

Discounted rates

Plot Holder Membershp fee £10.00
Full plot fee £50.00
Half plot fee £25.00

Joining during the year

If you join during the year, then the normal yearly subscription fees apply.

Waiting list

  • When you join, the membership secretary will inform you of your position on the waiting list. 
  • At the beginning of every year you will be informed where you are in the waiting list.
If you do not hear from the membership secretary, then it is your responsibility to make contact with us.

Giving up your plot

We would like 2 months notice of your intention to vacate of your plot. Just send and email to and let us know that you have removed your tools and personal belongings from your plot. 

Change of contact information

It is your responsibility to inform the membership secretary should any of your contact details change.

Tenancy Aggreement

We require a signed Tenancy agreement every year. This can be found on our Documents page. Our Policies and Guidelines supplement the agreement and should be read in conjunction.

Elegibility for a plot

Our eligibility post describes our criteria for allocating plots.