Rowhedge Allotment Association


We have a small management team, primarily to carry out the official activities of the organisation, most of the work is carried out by all the members, coordinated by the committee.


Members are usually plot holders, but you don't have to be a plot holder to become a member. We have a number of group activities during the year where everyone can participate. Contact the membership secretary or any other member if you want to find out more information.


Meetings are held regularly and are announced over the email group together with posters on public notice boards. They are usually held upstairs in the Albion public house at 6pm on a Sunday.

The Team

Officers of Committee

  • Ashley Moorcroft – Chair
  • Debbie Antoniou – Treasurer
  • Barbara Chaplin – Membership Secretary -
  • Christopher Walpole – Secretary
  • Penny Sturt – Vice Chairperson

Other Committee members

  • Sally Jowers (finance committee signer)
  • Paul Warner (finance committee signer)
  • Jake Murrells (finance committee signer)
  • Libby Arnold
  • Rosemary Pepper
  • Anne Jones (finance committee signer)
  • Christian Langlois
  • David Palmer
  • Roger Murrells

Site Group

  • Penny Sturt
  • Libby Arnold
  • Rosemary Pepper
Updated: 31 Aug 2019


We use an email group to keep in touch throughout the year. 

When you have been added to the email group, you will be able to send & receive posts.

The email address for the group is :

You can follow past discussions by visiting the Group Website


If you are interested we have further information about the establishment of Rowhedge Allotments.