04 December 2014

Subscriptions 2015

Don't miss the deadline

If you would like to take advantage of the Early Bird Payment discount your subs need to be in by:

31st January 2015

We will be in the upstairs in The Albion

Sunday 18th January 2015
from 6pm till 9pm

After the 31st you have till 28th February to pay the standard amounts.

01 December 2014

Joint Tenancy - Changes to Tenancy Agreement 2015/16

Joint Tenancy of Plots

Rowhedge Allotment Association recognise that members will want to involve friends and family in working their plots, and welcomes this. However, if you work your plot with a friend or family member, please be aware that it does not in itself, give that friend or family member any succession rights should you, the original tenant, decide to give up the plot.

Greenhouses/Glasshouses - Guidlines

After the storm damage over the winter of 2013/14, a couple of people have queried whether it is advisable to allow greenhouses or glasshouses to be erected on site.

The following guideline was agreed at the Committee Meeting 28th September 2014.