01 December 2014

Joint Tenancy - Changes to Tenancy Agreement 2015/16

Joint Tenancy of Plots

Rowhedge Allotment Association recognise that members will want to involve friends and family in working their plots, and welcomes this. However, if you work your plot with a friend or family member, please be aware that it does not in itself, give that friend or family member any succession rights should you, the original tenant, decide to give up the plot.

If you are a tenant who has friends/family working with you and you want them to have succession rights, the friend/family member must do the following;

1. Become a member of the allotment association.

2. Put their name on the waiting list. When their name reaches the top of the list, they will then be eligible for a plot, and will then be able to exercise the option of becoming co-tenants.

Joint tenancy

Please note that where joint tenancy exists, i.e. where the plot is held in more than one name, tenants are jointly and severally responsible for maintaining the plot in accordance with the tenancy agreement.

If joint tenants divide the plot into separate areas which they then work individually, this does not mean that plots automatically become half plots. Should one tenant leave, the remaining tenant becomes responsible for the whole plot.

The decision about when a plot gets split or merged with an adjacent plot, remains with the committee.

Read/Download the Joint Tenancy Document